Range Rover SV Autobiography. Full paint correction and ceramic coating.

A couple of weeks ago, we were asked if we could add some extra protection to this lovely looking SV Autobiography. We discussed various options as to what was available out there and finally agreed on the Cquartz 3.0 Uk ceramic coating for the paintwork, Gyeon Q2rim for the wheels and Gyeon Q2trim for the plastics. We had 3 days of work ahead of us, so we arrived at the clients house at 8am to make a start.


Snow foaming of the Autobiography.

The vehicle was first put through a rigorous 6 stage decontamination process which included a pre soak with a citrus based cleaner, this was used to remove any traffic film which had adhered to the vehicle. Next, a snow foam was used, this dwells on the paintwork for 10 minutes and helps break up any muck and dirt making it safer for the 2 bucket handwash which was next. For the final stages of decontamination, the clay bar was used to remove any bonded contaminants and then a de-tar and iron x treatment was used to remove any tar build up and any industrial metal fallout.


Iron X Treatment


De-tarring of the vehicle

Next up, the wheels were tackled, firstly with a ph neutral wheel cleaner and then a de-tar afterwards.


Wheel cleaning.

A final wipe down with IPA panel wipe and it was ready to get some paint readings and also inspect the level of correction which was required.


Swirl marks on the Range Rover.

I decided to go with the medium cutting pad first, then a finishing pad to get these results..


A flawless finish.

The correction stage of the job was completed after the second day and it was put away for the evening.


Stored away for the night.

The 3rd day comprised mainly of correcting the gloss black pillars and roof sections, before moving to the inside where it was in need of a good clean and a coating of Gtechniq I1 for the carpets and Gtechniq L1 for the leather work.

Late afternoon, the coatings were applied to the wheels, glasswork, plastic exterior trim and finally the paintwork, before it was put back away into the garage for the night.

The following morning, we were back up there to ispect everything and also tackle the clients other car..a BMW 7 series.

Range Rover SV Autobiography after coating with Cquartz UK3.0

Range Rover SV Autobiography after coating with Cquartz UK3.0