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Car Valeting Services

Choose from our range of valeting options for the perfect showroom finish.


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Car Detailing Services

For a far superior finish with enhanced protection and durability


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Paint Correction

Get an amazing gloss, depth of reflection and slickness.


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Winter Protection

Providing better long term winter protection


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New Car Detail

Prepare and protect your new vehicle


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Car Care plan

Keep your car looking great all year round



Valeting from £25!

Mobile Car Valeting, Car Detailing and underchassis wash and wax in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Leeds, Derby and surrounding areas.

Reflective Desire is one of the leading specialists in car detailing, paintwork correction and car valeting treatments in Sheffield, Chesterfield, Leeds and Derby.

Please click on image or contact Alex on 07523 409640 for more details.

We guarantee our fully insured professional service will leave your car looking like new but more important it will give your car much needed protection. An impressive 99.8% of our customers are 100% happy with our results.


Audi RS6 required a new car detail.

Audi RS6 required a new car detail.

About us

Reflective Desire was founded in 2001. Alex’s experience and passion for cars translates into high quality work. His attention to detail allows Reflective Desire car detailing to offer an unsurpassed professional service. We are well known for high quality efficient detailing services and it has earned trust and loyalty between our customers.

Why us?

We offer truly great value for money. Our car washing and care products are amongst the best quality products available on the market, which are designed to provide your vehicle with additional durability and an immaculate look. All our work is insured. We work diligently and achieve above and beyond what even a ‘new showroom finish’ can quite often fail to achieve.
Customer service is one of our core values, we will always recommend an option that is just right for you. With our bespoke approach to every car, we guarantee to find an option that will suit your requirements.
Unlike some of our competitors, we accept most credit and debit cards, for a hassle free experience.
At Reflective Desire, we are here for you, so if you trust us with your car, we will exceed your expectations.

Where will we work?

We offer our mobile car valeting services in the following areas: Sheffield, Chesterfield, Leeds, Derby and the surrounding areas.
Our car detailing services are available throughout the Midlands and South Yorkshire and locally at our premises situated in Sheffield. If you are not certain if we cover your area, please contact us and we will happily assist you. Our mobile service will be appreciated if you have a busy lifestyle, as we can come to you and will work around your schedule, as long as you have access to an electric socket.

In a world where impressions count and our car is often one of our highest value possessions, it requires specialist aftercare. Choosing Reflective Desire for car valeting and car detailing requirements means you are prolonging your cars future, as we will help you keep your car in its original condition for much longer, protecting your investment from the outside as well as the inside. Reflective Desire helps you fall in love with your car once again.
Make a smart choice, choose Reflective Desire!


“Alex Greig, from Reflective Desire Detailing, has been detailing our cars for the past 5 years in Matlock. Alex is a perfectionist, and when he is finished cleaning or detailing your car, you will not find a speck of dirt or a smudge anywhere! He even makes sure to wipe the door handle after he puts the car back!! He is the best detailer we have ever used, here, or anywhere else. Not only is Alex a great detailer, but he is a kind, generous and honest person. You know the old saying “nobody is irreplaceable”….. well…. Alex is irreplaceable!!”

Marvin Thompson. Matlock

“If you are looking for a car detailing service, look no further. Alex is extremely knowledgeable, takes pride in his work and is reliable. I could not be more satisfied with this service and I highly recommend Reflective Desire. You will not be disappointed in this skilled car detailer.”

Alison Cole. Derby

“Alex has been detailing our cars for several years now. I remember the first time I had him detail a filthy little Volkswagen Golf that I have to confess I hadn’t cleaned in almost an entire year! I think it took him most of the day, but when he was done, it looked better than it ever had the entire time I’d owned it. Now I have Reflective Desire wash my cars twice a month. The work Alex does on the washes seems like a mini-detail job to me. I have never been able to find a car detailer who is this detail oriented or who takes as much pride in his work as Alex does. I recommend Reflective desire to everyone who owns a car!”

Roger Hardwick. Worksop

“We received great value from your service. A friend of mine couldn’t believe how clean the car was! Thanks again for all your hard work.”

John Devonshire. Apperknowle

“When we moved to Chesterfield in 2006, we had a hard time finding someone who knew what he was doing to care for our cars. A neighbour introduced us to Alex at Reflective Desire Detailing. It was such a blessing to find him! Alex is knowledgeable about all aspects of car cleaning and detailing. He takes pride in his work and can point out and solve issues you didn’t even know about . Even better, Alex is reliable and organized. After he leaves, you would never know that he was here—except your cars look like they belong in a showroom.”

Emma Taylor. Chesterfield

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