We were given the opportunity to carry out a full enhancement detail on this stunning 1962 E-type Jaguar a while back.

A £200,000 nut and bolt restoration had been carried out previously, so what was required by us here at Reflective Desire, was to bring it to a concours condition by carrying out an enhancement detail on the paintwork, interior and engine bay.

First off, the car was put through a 3 stage decontamination process, which included a clay bar, a de-tar and an application of iron x to remove any industrial fallout. After this, an hour was spent taking readings of the paint depth to ascertain how much clear coat we had to work with. upon realising we had a good thickness of paint, it was decided upon to use a medium to soft pad and medium abrasive compound to remove the light marring and swirls which were noticeable on the paintwork.


Side on view after machine polishing.

Once all of the machine polishing was finished, a layer of “Swissvax Best of Show” was applied to the paintwork. The interior was hoovered and cleaned, before protection was applied and the hood was washed and sealed using a hydrophobic coating.


A fine collection of vintage and modern day sportscars.

Onto the engine bay, all hoses and pipes were cleaned dressed and polished, using degreaser, Autosol and detail spray and the underside of the bonnet, another coating of “Swissvax Best of Show”.

Jaguar E-Type after engine detail

Jaguar E-Type engine bay after detailing.

Jaguar_E-type engine.

A thoroughly clean engine bay.