I was presented with a 2011 Range Rover Sport a couple of weeks ago and what originally started out as a 2 day stage 1 correction job, soon became a marathon 13 hour one day job as circumstances changed for the owner. The paintwork on the Range Rover was in very poor condition, scratches and swirls galore and I soon realised it was going to take a fair few hours to remove the swirls and scratches.

We started out by giving the car a snow foam and wash, before  a full decontamination was carried out. This comprised of iron x, de-tar and a clay mitt treatment. Afterwards, the vehicle was brought inside to inspect the condition of the paint.

Range rover sport swirls

Reflective Desire Range Rover after paint correction.

As can be seen by the images here, the paint was in a real bad way and it was going to take some serious scratch and swirl removal to sort it out. I decided to start out with a microfibre pad and m105 compound to remove the swirls and scratches and then refine the paintwork using a foam finishing pad and 3m ultrafina. The results are quite outstanding as you can see from the before and after images above.


A couple more before and after pictures below.

Range Rover Sport passenger door


Range rover sport passenger door after correction


After the cutting of the paint and the refining, a layer of “Poorboys Black Hole” was applied, before a coating of “Swissvax Best of Show” was used for a last step finish.


A couple of outside shots of the Range Rover Sport after the work had been carried out.

Range rover sport outside Reflective Desire Range Rover Sport bonnet outside