Car Valeting and Detailing in Sheffield.

Car detailing is one of the best ways to keep your vehicle looking like new. You do not want to trust your car to just anyone, so finding someone that offers car detailing in Sheffield is essential for those that want these services managed. You need a company that will provide top of the line care and attention to each vehicle they manage while erasing some of the damage that may have been done by less credible services in previous valeting services.

Top of the Line Service for the Sheffield Area

Car valeting refers to the process of washing and polishing a car so that it looks brilliant. This process goes into a much greater degree of detail than a basic car wash, offering the same level of perfection you would get from a hand wash service. Our team in Sheffield offers treatments customers cannot beat with any other service. We have carefully learned about each of the methods which can be used to create the finished look to ensure that our car valeting will offer the highest quality finish on every vehicle type that we service.

Pair with a Top of the Line Detailing treatment.

If your car is starting to show its age, having your car detailed can help to restore its original glory. This is a very detailed treatment which will create a show quality look for every vehicle. Car detailing can be a time consuming process, but our team is proud to offer service that does not skip on the details so that your car will look as good as possible when the process is completed. To get the level of detail and high quality finish that is possible with car detailing, it is best to trust a professional to ensure the delicacy of the procedure is preserved.

Services and Procedures

We are happy to provide a customised service for every vehicle. These efforts will help to ensure that your vehicle will look just as good as the day you bought it. Different detailing and valeting packages are available from basic to full correction to ensure that you will get everything your vehicle needs to look its very best. If you would like to discuss services in detail, our team is readily available. We can also provide an estimation, though much of our service will vary based on the needs of the vehicle selected for the treatments.


“I recently used the Reflective Desire team here in Sheffield to tackle a very sorry looking Audi Convertible. It is the Audi 80 model (N reg) and is one day going to be collectable. I only expected a good and thorough spring – clean of a job but realised quite quickly this was not the case. Work started with the alloys approx 10am and finished late into the afternoon. Even the fabric roof was attended to in minute detail and I was left with a car in almost showroom condition. The only downside of the operation was the highlighting of some poor paint botching by the previous owner which one day I will address. I would certainly recommend Reflective Desire to any Classic car owner or to anyone contemplating selling a car. It would pay dividends in every case.” Gordon Henderson, Sheffield