Mobile Car Valeting and Detailing in Derby

People take pride in their cars and the best way to showcase this is to keep them in top of the line condition. A car detail is one of the best ways to get your car looking like new. If you have always relied on basic machine washes you will be stunned at how well a proper detailing job can improve the look of your car. In addition to offering a high quality clean, this service will remove some of the build up and swirl marks that can be left behind by cheap or careless washes you may have had in the past.


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Understanding the difference between valeting and detailing is an essential place to start when selecting the services you would like for your vehicle. The valeting service in derby will offer a full wash, interior/exterior clean and polish will help to get your vehicle looking shiny and new. These services can also be expanded to address any defects that are on the surface of the vehicle and carefully treat them so that the finish on your car will look as flawless as possible once it is finished.

Reflective Desire Mobile Car valeting in Derby also includes options for a machine polish, fabric roof clean, engine clean or paint repair which are available in increased packages and also paint overspray removal. The cost and services offered will vary based on the condition of the vehicle once valeting begins. Customers will need to supply electricity and a water tap to allow our team to complete our valeting or detailing work.

In addition to basic valeting and detailing services, we offer a variety of packages to prepare your car for any conditions. Whether you need to add materials that will help prevent the paint from becoming damaged or if it’s time to prepare your car for the winter, we have all the supplies you need to keep your vehicle looking fresh and new. Our team can recommend a wide variety of products and services that are ideal for your needs.

Potential valeting services include:

  • Cleaning all lower bumpers and arches
  • Clean wheels
  • Snow foam exterior paint
  • Degrease brake calipers
  • Trim, vents and badges cleaned by hand
  • Power rinse to remove all dirt
  • Boot, bonnet and door shuts cleaned by and
  • Paint washed using a lamb’s wool mitt to prevent scratching
  • Exterior dried with microfibre and warm air blower to prevent streaking
  • Interior and exterior glass polished
  • Exhaust polished
  • Tyres and wheel arches dressed
  • Interior hovered and trim dressed


I recently purchased a black Mercedes Benz with tan coloured interior over the internet, from a dealer who told me the car was in “fantastic condition”. When the car arrived it was a total disaster, the interior was filthy, the rugs were discoloured, and the seatbelts were the worst.

I called Reflective Desire and Alex told me he would have no problem getting the car back to showroom condition. He came out to my office and within 3 hours the car was looking like it stepped out of a dealership. The results were amazing! I cannot say enough about Reflective Desire, please do not hesitate to call Alex. His services are superior!”

Julia Turner. Rowsley